Voice Next Page: an Android Ebook Reader

Blink Next Page allows eyelid-only control of any ebook reader app. Try it for a hands-free reading experience.

Setup Instructions

Android app coming soon. To try it immediately, contact dwk at voxhub period io.

Blink Commands

  1. Blink both eyes for 0.5 seconds to turn to the next page.

  2. Blink left eye for over 0.5 seconds to turn to the previous page.

  3. Blink right eye for over 0.5 seconds to fast forward rapidly through next pages.

How does this work?

Facial recognition is done on-device with the Google mlkit. No network access is required. The lighting on your face is relatively important, and your whole face should be visible to the camera.

Inspired by Eyelid Gestures on Mobile Devices for People with Motor Impairments, ASSETS 2020. However, no code was used from that project.